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Founded in 1993, Excision is now a 3rd generation family owned and operated company. Over the past 25 years Excision has developed into the most respected brand for industrial and specialised cutting solutions across Australia. We now service a large range of customers across Australia, manufacturing, importing and distributing solutions for industrial cutting.

Excision is trusted by clients of all sizes from large corporations to small family owned business, because of our unparalleled flexibility to cater for every customer. With our entire production facility purpose built to maximise customer satisfaction and fulfil requirements on individual orders, we are able to exceed industry expectations on delivery. Using the latest advancements in manufacturing technology, we are able to guarantee precision and the highest quality product every time.

We have a dedicated team that is passionate about delivering excellence and satisfaction. Our strong team culture means that whatever it takes, the customer gets priority every time. Harnessing innovation to challenge the status quo allows us to be better every day, growing individually and as a team.

Our product development team analyses pain points in the industry, combines these with the experience and passion of the entire team to innovate and bring new game changing solutions to the industry.

At Excision we combined dependable precision with innovation and care to deliver a winning combination for our customers!