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Joining Forces for Premium Industrial Cutting Solutions

Excision seeks to collaborate with existing distributors that align with our commitment to excellence in the industrial cutting solutions industry. We value medium-sized companies that have a strong track record and established networks in their respective markets.

Our ideal distributor shares our dedication to customer satisfaction and possesses a keen understanding of the importance of premium quality products. With over 30 years of experience, we believe in partnering with distributors who can leverage their expertise to effectively communicate our technical knowledge and capabilities to potential customers.

By joining forces with such distributors, Excision aims to expand its reach and provide tailored cutting solutions to a wider range of industries and applications. We look forward to collaborating with like-minded partners who value efficiency, quality, and outstanding customer service as much as we do.

Why Become a Distributor for Excision?

We are a manufacturer and importer of premium quality industrial cutting solutions. With over 30 years of experience, our dedicated team works hard to deliver on customer requirements and ensure satisfaction – every time!

With no boundaries on our sourcing and product development, we can find the right solution for your application every time. We use our technical expertise to combine efficiencies, quality, and great customer service to solve any of your industrial cutting problems. We provide solutions to fulfil requirements on orders of all sizes, delivering superior product quality and unsurpassed customer care.

The Process

Submit the Distributor Application Form

The first step in the process involves completing and submitting the distributor application form provided by Excision. This form includes essential information about your company and your interest in representing Excision's premium industrial cutting solutions.

Profile Creation on Custom Distributor Platform

If your application is approved, Excision will get in touch with you to guide you through the process of creating a profile on our custom distributor platform.

This platform serves as a centralised hub for all distributor-related activities. It allows you to access product information, browse available stock, manage and pay invoices, and stay in constant communication with Excision to streamline the distribution process.

Start Purchasing

With your profile set up on the distributor platform, you can begin purchasing Excision's industrial cutting solutions to supply to your customer base. This step marks the beginning of your partnership with Excision as an authorised distributor, and you can start fulfilling orders and providing top-quality cutting solutions to your clients.

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