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  • How do I measure and order a bandsaw blade?

    Step 1, measure the length of your bandsaw blade.

    1. Adjust the wheels of the machine to their correct position (about the middle of the adjustment range)
    2. Measure the distance between the centre-point of each wheel in mm (D)
    3. Measure the radius of each wheel in mm (R1 and R2)
    4. Use the formula (RA x 3.1416) + (R2 x 3.1416) + (2 x D)

    If you already know the length of the blade you need, you can use the guide below to find the part number you need.

    • First 3 digits are the type of material
    • Next 2 digits are width in mm
    • Next 3 digits represent TPI
    • Last 4/5 digits represent length in mm

    • Example: Bi-Alfa cobalt M42 - 27mm width - 10/14 TPI x 2480mm length
      620 | 27 | 114 - 2480
  • What is the correct tooth pitch for my saw blade?

    The tooth pitch describes the number of teeth per inc (TPI). You must select the correct TPI for the thickness of the material you are currint. If you don't, the blade life will be dramatically shortened.

    To determine the correct TPI for your cutting application you need to know:

    For solids) material diameter
    For tube) tube width and wall thickness

  • How To Fix The Most Common Bandsaw Failures?

    There are a lot of things that can go wrong with bandsaws, but we created a guide that helps you sort out the top 7 common bandsaw failures people experience.

  • How do I test the concentration level in my coolant?

    You can test the concentration level of your coolant using either a visual or digital refractometer.

    We recommend you do this frequently (every 1-2 weeks) to ensure your coolant remains healthy and high-performing.

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