Bandsaw Blades

Types of Bandsaw Blades


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How to Choose the Right Bandsaw Blade Size

A Bandsaw Blade has 3 important dimensions

  • Width
  • Length
  • Tooth Pitch (Usually measured in Teeth Per Inch known as TPI.)

How to Measure Blade Width

Blade width is measured from the tip of the blade to the back of the blade. Metal cutting bandsaws are normally specified on the machine by the manufacturer. Wood cutting bandsaws or vertical bandsaws can have multiple widths. If your saw has this option refer to page 35 for different options.

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How to Measure Blade Length

Adjust the wheels of the machine to their correct position (about the middle of the adjustment range)

  • Refering to the diagram below, measure the distance between the centre point of each wheel in mm (measurement D).
  • l Now measure the radius of each wheel in mm (R1 and R2).
  • l Use this formula to calculate the band length
Band Length In mm = (R1 x 3.1416)+(R2 x 3.1416)+(2 x D)

Selecting the Right Tooth Pitch

The tooth pitch describes the number of teeth per inch(TPI). You must select the correct tpi for the thickness of material you are cutting. If the correct tpi is not chosen the blade life will be dramatically shortened. Refer to page 32-35 for more detail.
For combi or variable toothing the first figure represents the largest distance between tooth tips and the second figure the smallest distance between tooth tips within one group

Constant tooth pitch

This tooth pitch has a constant distance from tooth to tooth. It is very suitable for cross sections and non-ferrous materials.

Combi / Variable tooth pitch

The combi tooth pitch has different tooth tip distances within one toothing group. The application area of the band saw blade is increased and vibrations are reduced